We sent the two oldest classes of the primary school on a field trip to Cusco in the fall of 2016. The children were able to learn more about their own culture and expand their horizons.


Working with the directors of both the primary and secondary schools, Urban Angels will start our first after school program in Yanque in 2017.


At the request of a few school directors in the valley, we are working with the Ministry of Education to adapt the national curriculum to the needs of these rural communities. The Ministry of Education is happy that Urban Angels wants to develop our after-school program in the context of this adapted curriculum.


Urban Angels hired Gloria Huerta Huerta to facilitate communication throughout the year. Gloria was the director of the kindergarten (ages 3-5) in Yanque for twenty years. She expanded that school to care for babies 0-2 years of age as well. We are using her school in Yanque as a model, first in Madrigal, and then beyond!

Yanque Escuelas: Primaria y Secondaria