This village of about 400 people is far up the Colca River valley. It is the first very remote village I visited in 2015. These families have never left my heart, or mind. Maybe it was when Karol, a 17 year old young woman, told me that she wanted to go to college and become a veterinarian and an architect -  that I would never be able to stop thinking about the children in the Colca Valley.


In 2016, we provided clothing and school supplies for the children of Canocota. We will continue to work in this town.





  • Continued to get to know the mothers, teachers and the school director of this remote, very poor village.

  • Gave an individualized bag of clothing to each student, speaking with each of them one-on-one on three occasions.

  • Provided toys for the primary school.




  • Continue to provide school supplies and diagnose the educational needs of this town.

  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Education regarding improvements in this village’s education.

  • Support the higher education needs of their children.